• Play, play, and play around is the curriculum for this group. Amazing isn't? Hands-on discovery and exploration, developing language skills, Encouraging learning of new age skills.
  • Engaging children physically, emotionally, and socially by Fun filled physical games, music and dance helps the child to develop motor and cognitive skills.
  • We employ our ancient arts; Storytelling & Puppet shows - to entertain and sow the moral and values in a way that children always like.


  • Problem-solving approach, imparting essential life skills, this is what we practice at our school.
  • Enhancing learning and interaction through fun, cultivating creativity, developing curiosity, Improving imagination through Art and Music.
  • ‘Discovery Areas’ for exploring and learning, Flash cards, puzzles, oral pictorial identification are some of the methods we use for their academic growth and Shaping scientific thought in children.

Junior KG

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Senior KG

  • Allowing children to grow at their own pace, children construct an understanding of the world around them, then experience discrepancies between what they already know and what they discover in their environment.
  • We inspire them to share and play, to show compassion, love and care towards each other.
  • Good habits getting in to them at this age, remains as life time character of the child.

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