The problem-solving approach, imparting essential life skills, this is what we practice at our school.

Enhancing learning and interaction through fun, cultivating creativity, developing curiosity, Improving imagination through Art and Music.

‘Discovery Areas’ for exploring and learning, Flash cards, puzzles, oral pictorial identification are some of the methods we use for their academic growth and Shaping scientific thought in children.

What does your child learn in Nursery?

  • Listening to stories
  • Recognizing the relationship between written and spoken words
  • Developing a vocabulary of 1000 words
  • Identifying action words
  • Retelling stories orally
  • Understanding writing as a means of communication
  • Matching words to pictures and sounds
  • Reading CVC words
  • Recalling songs and poems
Creative art
  • Freely choosing materials
  • Using art for self-expression
  • Using art processes to convey ideas
Motor skills
  • Mastering appropriate gross motor skills
  • Developing hand-eye coordination
  • Improving speech and finger movement
Science and nature studies
  • Exploring cause and effect
  • Understanding the concept of air
  • Understanding the concept of self, family and neighborhood
  • Classifying fruits and vegetables in different categories
  • Understanding the world of animals and vehicles
  • Identifying the time of day
Cognitive skills and math
  • Identifying colors, shapes, sizes, and weight
  • Developing classification skills
  • Completing logical patterns (2 attributes)
  • Sequencing by size (3 items)
  • Matching one-to-one and providing reasoning
  • Understanding the basic elements of time
  • Completing simple patterns
  • Recognizing and matching numbers (1 to 10)
Music and movement
  • Developing body awareness
  • Developing rhythm and tempo
  • Coordinating movements with words
Social science
  • Helping peers who are in need, angry or upset
  • Accepting compromise to resolve conflicts when instructed
  • Developing strategies to express ideas
  • Showing progress in expressing feelings
  • Labeling one’s own and other’s feelings based on facial expression and tone of voice
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