Senior Kg

Senior KG

Allowing children to grow at their own pace, children construct an understanding of the world around them, then experience discrepancies between what they already know and what they discover in their environment.

We inspire them to share and play, to show compassion, love and care towards each other.

Good habits getting in to them at this age, remains as life time character of the child

What does your child learn in Senior Kindergarten?

  • Retelling a simple story in the correct sequence
  • Recognizing and making up rhymes
  • Speaking complete sequences
  • Asking questions
  • Participating in discussions
  • Composing oral stories
  • Reading short discourses
  • Recognizing the association between written and spoken word
  • Writing CVC words and short sentences
  • Composing and illustrating stories
  • Distinguishing the sound of letters in spoken words
  • Identifying sight words and building simple words
Creative art
  • Expressing ideas through art materials
  • Using art processes to convey ideas
  • Developing unique uses of art material
Motor skills
  • Mastering appropriate gross motor skills
  • Developing hand-eye coordination
  • Developing multi-tasking skills
Science and nature studies
  • Using scientific methods to solve problems
  • Developing an understanding of time
  • Estimating and measuring using non-standard units
  • Collecting and recording data in lists and graphs
  • Understanding the concept of weather
  • Understanding the concept of plant and animal life
Cognitive skills and math
  • Solving problems by estimating and checking with manipulatives
  • Solving problems using independent reasoning
  • Creating order among objects
  • Understanding and using comparatives and ordinals
  • Understanding simple fractions
  • Matching by relationship
  • Matching number sets to number symbols
  • Identifying currency and assigning value
Music and movement
  • Developing rhythm and tempo
  • Identifying instruments by their sounds
  • Singing theme related songs
  • Using music and movement for self-expression
  • Identifying different types of music
Social science
  • Attaining appropriate life skills
  • Developing positive self-image
  • Recognizing human similarity and differences
  • Recognizing that actions have consequences
  • Appreciating cultural diversity
  • Making appropriate choices
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